How to Keep Your Windows Clean

Windows are on the components of our house that affects the aesthetic value of our property. However, keeping it clean and shiny is difficult to do, especially if you have blinds or high-end architectural windows. It will require some little effort from you to make your windows cleaned. You can opt to hire professional cleaning of blinds in Charlotte NC but there’s nothing wrong in doing it on your own. Just follow our guide below.  


Pre-cleaning Process 

The most exposed part of the window is the outside part. They are exposed to stubborn stains because of the bird droppings, hard water runoff and other elements that have dirt and grime. Use a mineral deposit removing cleaner. Use a sponge, dampen it and rub on the windows. After that, rinse with water and do the regular cleaning. If it has stubborn stains, spray with vinegar. You can also make a paste using a cleaner that has oxalic acid and water. Apply the paste to the window. Use a cloth and rub it. Rinse with water and proceed with regular cleaning.  

If you see decals or stickers, remove these substances spraying the area with water. Use a scraper to scrape them off. Make sure to hold the scraper in 45 degree angle and scrape the stickers upward. Wipe the water away using a towel. Also, every time you clean the windows make sure you include the outside and inside screens. Remove them and vacuum to remove dirt and dust. Lightly spray the screen using a spray bottle or hose before and after you wipe them. Before you replace the screen, allow them to air dry.  

If the outside windows are really dirty, rinse it away. Use a garden hose to remove the build-up of dirt from the panes. You can also use a pressure washer. For the inside windows, dust them or vacuum them. Doing this will prevent the dirt from spreading.  

Cleaning the Inside and Outside Windows 

Once you’re done with the pre-cleaning stage, it’s now time to conduct the regular cleaning. With this, you will need a rubber squeegee, brush or sponge, clean cloth, large towel for the floors and a bucket with cleaning solution.  

First thing to do is make your own cleaning solution. You can just use a dish soap mixture and basic water. Do not use spray bottle because it makes the windows murky. To make your own, just mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, two gallons of water. Or, you can mix equal parts of white vinegar and water.  

Proceed with the window cleaning. If your windows have multiple small panes, use a sponge. If you have a larger picture window, you can use the squeegee. If the windows are high, just attach the brush to a pole. There is also a special window cleaner you can purchase. Dry the windows before you proceed to the next. Add more soap to the mixture if the squeegee squeaks a lot.  

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